Matcha and Golden Milk Jar Set

$59.99 $45.00

This special combo set comes with a jar of our organic Golden Milk and Matcha.

Golden Milk is one of the most famous remedies in Ayurvedic medicine. Originating in India, our Golden Milk is a mixture of organic turmeric root powder, ginger, Vietnamese cinnamon powder, and black pepper.

Traditionally, the mix of spices is added to a pot of milk or milk alternative, brought to a simmer, and served hot.

Meanwhile, our 100% organic ceremonial grade Matcha is a premium Japanese green tea powder. Used widely for weight-loss, energy boosting, and detox, this green tea has a delicious creamy and crisp flavor. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed with milk, cream, or any milk alternative.

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fine organic tea
Matcha Jar
fine organic tea
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