Pomegranate Black Tea

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What is Pomegranate Tea?

Pomegranate tea is comprised of black tea leaves and orange safflower petals all infused in a natural pomegranate tart.

Pomegranate tea has existed in one form or the other for hundreds of years, and is commonly used in cooking dishes due to its unique flavor.

While it’s fairly uncommon to find it on the shelves in grocery stores, don’t let this deter you. It is very easy to prepare and has a huge variety of health benefits.

pomegranate black tea
pomegranate black tea

Taste of Pomegranate Tea

There is not much to say about pomegranate teas flavor. Unlike our other teas, which have complex and hidden components, pomegranate tea has a fairly straightforward taste.

Smooth, soft and sweet, pomegranate black tea will give you a slightly tangy and sharp flavor in every sip.

While the leaves are soaked and infused in a natural pomegranate tart, the sweetness of the fruit does not overpower the taste of the black tea leaves which so many drinkers love.

While brewing it hot will bring out a stronger tart and fruity flavor, you can cold brew the leaves into ice water directly for a much lighter taste.

So Why Pomegranate Tea?

Pomegranate contains more than 100 phytochemical and is packed with antioxidants. All of which can help with preventing chronic diseases.

Studies have shown that pomegranate may stop the growth of prostate cancer cells

While the results were preliminary, adding it your diet certainly won’t hurt as more research is being conducted.

Pomegranate is also deemed as one of the best fruits in regards to heart health. It has been known to help improve blood flow within the arteries while also slowing the growth of plaque build up.

How to Brew Pomegranate Tea

Pomegranate black tea can be brewed hot or cold depending on the weather. Since it contains a high level of natural caffeine, it can be an alternative for your morning hot or iced coffee.

Step 1: Prepare Leaves

Like all our teas, pomegranate black tea comes in a loose leaf container, we recommend you use 1-2 tea spoons per 8 ounces of water. If you are using a tea bag, follow the instructions on the container.

Step 2: Prepare Water

Decide whether you are going to brew your Rooibos hot or cold. Make sure to use filtered water that does not contain alkaline as it may not allow the flavors to develop properly. If brewing your pomegranate leaves hot, we recommend you brew it at a temperature of 212° Fahrenheit. If brewing it cold, we recommend using a container with ice.

Step 3: Steep Leaves & Enjoy

Put your Rooibos leaves into your water cup or container. We recommend leaving the leaves in for at least 3 minutes. However, if you like you’re tea stronger, feel free to leave it in longer. Since our  tea comes as a loose leaf tea, remember you can use the same leaves to brew multiple cups!

pomegranate black tea

Is Pomegranate Tea For You?

People have known about the benefits of pomegranate tea for hundreds of years. While it may not be one of the most popular teas around the world today, it certainly deserves more recognition. Filled with phytochemical, antioxidants, natural caffeine and more, it is an amazingly healthy tea. Pomegranate tea makes for a wonderful addition to your diet, whether you are seeking for something specific, or to just boost overall health. However like all teas, pomegranate tea can only help so much. To maximize the benefits of this amazing tea, be sure to drink enough, eat healthy, and visit your physician regularly should any problems arise.

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