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What is Golden Milk?

Golden Milk is a powdered tea made from turmeric, ginger, and Vietnamese cinnamon. Often, extra ingredients such as black pepper or coconut shavings are added to help boost its already plentiful health benefits.

It has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. However today, this sweet, creamy, and delicious tasting tea has taken the tea drinking world by storm.

Golden Milk Tea
Golden Milk Tea

Taste of Golden Milk

Although it contains cinnamon, Golden Milk only has a slightly sweet flavor. Known for its creamy texture, many tea drinkers describe Golden Milk as being similar to Chai or Horchata. However, tea drinkers with more exotic tastes often add black pepper to their Golden Milk, making it have a slightly spicy aftertaste.

While the ingredients list for Golden Milk may not seem very appetizing to some, we at META have worked hard to ensure there is a perfect balance between the compounds to promote the healthiest and best tasting tea possible.

It can be brewed with water, milk, almond milk, and more. All of which will result in different and unique tasting versions of the tea.

Benefits of Golden Milk

The main ingredient in Golden Milk is turmeric, a yellow spice common in Asia. Within turmeric is curcumin, a compound known to help alleviate pain and aid with inflammation.

The second component in Golden Milk is ginger. Studies have shown that ginger is high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to health benefits, Turmeric (and even Golden Milk) has been used as face mask to help remove acne and acne scars.

Golden Milk Teas

How to Brew Golden Milk

Golden Milk can be brewed hot or cold depending on the weather. Since it contains no caffeine, it is often used a bedtime tea to help those suffering from sleep get a full nights rest.

Step 1: Prepare Powder

Since our Golden Milk tea comes in a powder form, it is extremely easy to make. Just use 1/2 a tea spoon per 8 ounces of liquid

Step 2: Prepare Liquid

Decide whether you are going to brew your Golden Milk hot or cold. You can also choose from a variety of liquids to brew it in such as milk, water, almond milk, and more! While our Golden Milk contains no sugar, make sure to check what liquid you are using to ensure there is nothing you don’t want to consume.

Step 3: Mix Powder & Liquid

Put your tea spoon (or more) of Golden Milk into your glass or container. Shake or stir until the liquid takes on a beautiful cream​ color and there are no floating bits at the top. Now sit back and enjoy!

Golden Milk Tea

Golden Milk For Health

From its faraway eastern roots, Golden Milk is now regarded as one of the most healthy tea blends in the world. Loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and other medicinal benefits, Golden Milk is a tea suited for everyone. Like all teas, Golden Milk is an aid to a healthier lifestyle. To maximize its benefits, ensure that you are eating healthy, drinking enough and exercising regularly.

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