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What is Rooibos Tea?

In the past years, Rooibos (pronounced: Roy-boss) has gained traction amongst tea drinkers all over the globe. Known as African Red Bush, Rooibos tea is actually a shrub called Aspalathus linearis.

Known for its rich and chestnut red color, Rooibos leaves are in fact originally green. However, once harvested, Rooibos leaves are left out in the sun to dry and are then fermented, thus giving the leaves their famous color.

While it originated in Africa, it is now enjoyed by millions of tea drinkers around the world.

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Taste of Rooibos

African Red Bush (Red Rooibos) has a sweet earthy flavor. It is often described of having a taste similar to Yerba Mate, vanilla, caramel, and even a smoky flavor similar to tobacco.

Its light flavor is not overwhelming, making it a very popular tea amongst novice tea connoisseurs. Although already naturally sweet, many people choose to enhance the flavor profile of Rooibos by adding slices of lemon & honey to it.

Once brewed, its reddish-brown color makes it one of the most visually stunning teas around.

So Why Rooibos?

In its first years, Rooibos tea was used as an alternative to expensive black tea. Dutch settlers exported Rooibos to Europe as a substitute for the expensive black tea many people couldn’t afford. However, in 1930, Rooibos rose to fame with the discovery of its many beneficial health properties.

In addition to its health benefits, Rooibos also was found to be useful in creating food flavor from its extracts, could be made into tea “expressos” and even helped with cosmetics!

How to Brew Rooibos

Step 1: Prepare Leaves

Since our Rooibos tea comes in a loose leaf container, we recommend you use one tea spoon per 8 ounces of water. If you are using a Rooibos tea bag, follow the instructions on the container.

Step 2: Prepare Water

Decide whether you are going to brew your Rooibos hot or cold. Make sure to use filtered water that does not contain alkaline as it may not allow the flavors to develop properly. If brewing your Rooibos hot, we recommend you brew it at a temperature of 212° Fahrenheit. If brewing it cold, we recommend using a container with ice.

Step 3: Steep Leaves & Enjoy

Put your Rooibos leaves into your water cup or container. We recommend leaving the leaves in for at least 5 minutes. However, if you like you’re tea stronger, feel free to leave it in longer. Since our Rooibos tea comes as a loose leaf tea, remember you can use the same leaves to brew multiple cups!

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Rooibos For Health

In the few years it has had in the spotlight, Rooibos tea has really proven its place as a powerhouse of a tea. Its multiple benefits and delicious taste have made it one of the most sought after teas in the world. While it does have health boosting properties, be sure to remember that it is only a supplement to enhance your health, and is only boosted when combined with healthy eating and living.

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