Our Mission

META seeks to bring the finest crafted teas from around the world right to your doorstep. For centuries, tea has traditionally been used as a means of healing both the body and the mind. At META, we’re big believers in the healing properties of tea, but we’ve taken that idea a step further.

Using only the finest organic tea leaves, META strives to show people the way mother nature intended tea to taste, without any preservatives or artificial flavors. In line with our belief that tea is meant to heal, all of our delicious blends have been thoughtfully selected based on their unique health benefits. But thats not all. Unlike other tea companies who package their teas with plastic, all our teas come in customized glass jars and recyclable tins, because we believe healthy living starts with a healthy planet.

Through our teas, we hope to provide a remedy to various ailments, while also proving that delicious, sustainable, and eco-friendly tea production can be done.

fine teas

Recyclable Packaging

At META, we strive to be more than just a tea company. Ever since the beginning, we’ve taken the extra steps to always do right by our community and planet. All our teas are packaged using eco-friendly and recyclable materials. By using only aluminum, paper, cork, and glass, we’re doing our part to help keep our oceans plastic free.

100% Organic

All of our teas and herbs are blended using only organic and sustainable ingredients. Our teas are made to heal, so we’ve ensured the only things in them are ingredients we want to put into our body. We believe the act of drinking tea is supposed to bring us closer to nature. So by using only what our planet gives us, thats exactly what our teas do.

fine teas

No Artificial Flavorings

Our teas have all been sourced from high quality farms around the world. They are fresh, authentic, and do not have any additional or artificial flavorings added to them. Tea is a form of medicine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste delicious. You will find yourself pleasantly satisfied with every sip of our delicious and pure teas.

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